It all began when I was little and scrunchies were my absolute go-to accessory. But I have to admit, at this time it was my mom who picked them out and loved me to wear them and soon I began to love them, too. 

Since I can remember my mom was always sewing - dresses and skirts for us both, whole outfits made after endless hours on the sewing machine. I absolutely loved to hear the sound of the needle and fabrics and watch her create such beautiful designs. 

Scrunchies were always part of my life. With my big curls only they could hold my hair everyday and helped through every bad hair day since. So it just made sense to combine all of our passions together and create beautiful and sustainable scrunchies made in my hometown Berlin. With the help of my gorgeous mom teaching me how to sew, everything you see here has been handmade with so much love and care, from picking out high-quality fabrics to cutting and sewing all scrunchies that you hopefully will wear soon!

I hope you love the products as much as I loved making them and have fun exploring!

Your Mischka