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Black Double Filled Scrunchie

Black Double Filled Scrunchie

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A special scrunchie made for the exciting and adventurous moments and those ahead of you! A double filled scrunchie - the fluffiness of satin and the beautiful touch of chiffon in one!


95% Polyester
5% Elastan

100% Polyester


Large measures approximately 6“ (ca. 15 cm) in diameter.

Medium measures approximately 5“ (ca. 12-13 cm) in diameter.

Mini measures approximately 3“ (ca. 7 cm) in diameter.

Wraps approx. 2 times around depending on the thickness of your hair and how tight you like to wear it.


If necessary, hand-wash your scrunchie in cold water with a mild detergent or your favourite shampoo and let air-dry.

Due to the delicate fabric of satin scrunchie hand-washing and using with care is recommended. Also avoid wearing with jewelry or sharp items as it might catch on the fabric.

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