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Olive Green Velvet Scrunchie

Olive Green Velvet Scrunchie

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Seriously, how soft can a scrunchie be that also holds everything in place wherever you go? The answer is extremely soft! This olive green velvet scrunchie is everything you need for you to fall in love. 



92% Polyester 

8% Spandex




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Large measures approximately 6“ (ca. 15 cm) in diameter.

Medium measures approximately 5“ (ca. 12-13 cm) in diameter.

Mini measures approximately 3“ (ca. 7 cm) in diameter.

Wraps approx. 2 times around depending on the thickness of your hair and how tight you like to wear it.


If necessary, hand-wash your scrunchie in cold water with a mild detergent or your favourite shampoo and let air-dry.

Due to the delicate fabric of satin scrunchie hand-washing and using with care is recommended. Also avoid wearing with jewelry or sharp items as it might catch on the fabric.

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